September 8, 2022

Helicopter together with appears to have an almost reference to Zoro, just who Chopper close idol worships due to the fact he or she is “thus chill”

Roronoa Zoro

Comparable to he really does with Luffy and you will Usopp, he has got a very romantic relationships. In A lot of time Band Long House Arc, Helicopter are split regarding team due to the Straw Caps shedding a conference, and you can will get distraught. Zoro yells from the him to end complaining, as being a beneficial pirate was their decision, for example in this world, nobody usually admiration his tears. That it improves Chopper’s manage due to the fact a beneficial pirate, in which he will get much less more likely to crying and you can whining, even after their boy-particularly character. Zoro trained Helicopter that although the crewmate have s, they still adhere with her given that a crew and are generally stronger which means. One of his true favorite steps you can take is to journey to the Zoro’s arms if they are travelling and regularly runs so you’re able to him as he is actually scared. Zoro plus seems significantly more defensive out of Chopper than other people. It is seen you to Zoro is just one to store your as he comically falls towards any form from water when trying to escape Nami’s wild moodiness (if you’re Sanji have stored Luffy apparently in comparison), even if Chopper still will get crazy which have Zoro of course he takes off bandages from injuries he sustained of fights or perhaps is wanting to train before their injuries have fully cured. Although not, he does irritate Zoro when Chopper clings in order to their face so you can avoid shedding towards the liquids such what happened in the H2o 7 during the Aqua Laguna. Helicopter is not frightened in order to argue or wrestle brand new swordsman and hates they whenever Zoro reveals too little manage missing crewmembers.

Adopting the timeskip, Helicopter is far more willingly to conquer Zoro upwards for foolish decision-making yet still strongly areas his feel while the found when he was awestruck by the his vastly increased strength about strive facing Surume.

Nami is really attracted to Helicopter, and is the first of one’s crew to recognize him as the a doctor. She respects their degree when you look at the treatments and you may cares having their defense doing her very own. Likewise, Helicopter respects the woman power to browse; whether or not he is generally scared of her fanatical fascination with money and you may unlawful characteristics on “idiots” of your own staff to such an extent that he operates otherwise places upwards his Shield Point on these mood swings. Both express a romance that is much like an older sister’s and you will a more youthful brother’s. Nami commonly hug to Chopper’s fur to own love inside the cooler activities or when the woman is scared. Nami and Chopper are particularly protective of any other, like when Franky first ideal destroying Chopper to get rid of their rampage in the Monster Setting Nami threatened so you can destroy your if the he did so (although two performed build a far greater propose to save your self Helicopter). Even so Nami did hold Chopper up once the an effective shield out-of a billing Zoro who Nami thought Zoro is actually supposed to attack this lady into the Punk Possibilities, when in truth, Zoro is trying include them off Monet. Nami and you can Helicopter and additionally bonded into the depression over Sanji’s log off in Zou and you may was basically the first one to voluntary to visit help save your with Luffy.  

When Absalom was stalking Nami, Helicopter sought out regarding their answer to include the lady. Nami and comfortable Chopper as he is actually upset more Hogback’s betrayal. Due to their innocence and you may decreased need for individual female, Nami allows Helicopter (even with him becoming a masculine) see this lady naked regarding the shower plus attracts your so you can sign-up her.


Initial, Usopp are frightened from the sight regarding Helicopter but just after the guy finds out you to Helicopter are Luffy’s buddy, he snacks your top especially when the second meets the staff. Because of his naive character, Chopper is actually a good fateful listener in order to Usopp’s lays, many of which the guy really thinks, about for a short time. Initially bonding which have Usopp among the weaker people in the new team, Usopp told your one “you should usually nevertheless manage your skill with the crew”. This consists of never ever running out in certain facts, particularly when the fresh dreams of your buddies aren’t getting given serious attention. He’s drawn these tips significantly so you can center since that time. In reality, he experienced 1st validation once the good pirate when he decided not to ever run from Skypiea Priest Gedatsu, and eventually beaten him. When Usopp left the new crew, Chopper was one of the most affected crewmembers, and you may just after Luffy beat Usopp regarding duel towards Going Merry, Chopper planned to go remove their injuries immediately but had to be artificially dropped by Sanji, whom purchased your not to stomp into the Usopp’s satisfaction from the recovery your immediately after their overcome (as he currently had been administered mercy from the Luffy). Helicopter however offered certain treatments to have Usopp to use but left him end up being. Chopper missed Usopp dearly even with Zoro telling him let-alone his title any more and you may fell totally to have Usopp’s “Sogeking” disguise, actually inquiring your having an autograph. Once Enies Reception, when Usopp apologized and you can rejoined the newest crew, Chopper burst on pleased tears off happiness since the his friend came back. Helicopter, Usopp and you will Nami was in fact extremely frightened during the Thriller Bark, but Helicopter was willing to fight-off zombies to keep Usopp and you may both of them united to protect Nami out of Absalom and you will Lola.