Staff Augmentation Solutions
We understand that peaks and troughs are an integral part of any project lifecycle. You already have a large employee base and recruiting even more employees to cater to short-term project requirements may shrink your margins further, and expose you to significant additional  liabilities. In today's low margin, cut-throat competitive environment where long term business visibility is virtually non-existent, what you need is flexible , high quality staff augmentation solutions, to bridge the gaps in your Engineering & Draughting skill sets and to achieve rapid ramp-ups, on demand. 

Capstone leverages its multinational presence and the vast pool of Engineering talent available globally, to offer best-of-the-breed staff augmentation solutions, to our discerning clientele. And with the outcomes assured by Capstone, the next time you think about hiring Engineering talent, just get in touch with us, it will be worth your valuable time.

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