September 7, 2022

TERF is a great slur [ revise ]

TERF glossary can use some help. Delight research the article’s assertions. Any sort of try reliable is going to be sourced, and what exactly is not should be got rid of.

Inside the TERF groups combos including the keyword “super” such as for instance “extremely upright”, “super lady”, “awesome lesbian” and “super feminist”, into standalone phrase “super” as shorthand, the relate to the Extremely Straight meme that was popularised by the neo-Nazi agitators into 4chan in order to void and mock trans people’s sex identities and you can justify blatant transphobia. During the white from both its source and employ certainly one of transphobic anybody it is a highly transphobic label.

TEHM [ revise ]

Signifies “Trans-Exclusionary Gay Male”. Particular homosexual male TERFs use this name for themselves and rehearse it so you can validate leaving out trans men.

“TERF is actually a slur” try a good spurious allege created by TERFs and generally the simple reply when they’re slammed due to their suggest ideology. Anyone stating “TERF are an effective slur” is pretty certainly a TERF.

Terfragette [ modify ]

A make an effort to reclaim the phrase TERF if you’re pretending they have been equivalent towards the suffragettes exactly who campaigned to possess votes for ladies. Used as the thinking-identity because of the TERFs.

Terven [ edit ]

A small grouping of TERFs. Utilized “ironically” by TERFs so that you can reclaim the phrase TERF, e.grams. “oh zero, we are the latest worst terven!”

#TheyCallMeTerf [ change ]

A different hashtag one to spawned sometime inside 2019 as a way to possess TERFs to combat straight back immediately following becoming titled aside to be transphobic.

TIM/TIF (Trans Identified Male/Female) [ edit ]

Terms familiar with misgender trans girls (TIM) and males (TIF), if you are at the same time and doubting that they are trans (that’s not a genuine question, centered on TERFs), through the today turned into-into-dogwhistle “select just like the” phrase.

They are also used because they don’t keep the characters of the fresh new optional sex (instead of mtF, ftM), and since he or she is usually male (Tim/Timothy) or female (Tiffany) labels.

Tiny fraction of men [ change ]

A way TERFs establish trans women, in order to say that he could be becoming silenced by the good “fraction of one’s patriarchy”.

Tranorexia [ revise ]

Describes a conviction certainly TERFs one to getting trans is similar so you’re able to anorexia, and ought to end up being managed from the encouraging anyone to accept on their own since cis, instead of through providing scientific change (“we do not provide anorexics dieting functions!”) The expression is even accustomed recommend that being trans is actually a craze or stage certainly kids, and this younger trans people in their kids otherwise very early twenties would-have-been anorexic people in the event the that they had grown regarding 90s otherwise 2000s. “Tranorexia” was a form of support for Conversion process Procedures.

Transage [ modify ]

A number of people want to be seen as “transage” we.age., feeling that they are a certain years other than than simply its chronological ages. [mention cuatro] The concept often is referenced because of the TERFs or any other proper-side trolls whom argue that since legislation will not know transage individuals, it should perhaps not allow switching an individual’s sex identity. This is popularized in the TERF circles by an article positing a great hypothetical circumstances in which a couple forty-five-year-olds need certainly to legally alter their many years to allow them to receive experts they if not wouldn’t be eligible to (such escort Eugene an elder citizen’s traveling citation), implying that is in addition to why transgender some one change. Which name may also be used because of the pedophiles so you’re able to justify their attraction to help you minors.

Trans cult [ change ]

An excellent conspiracy concept you to accuses transgender teams to be a great cult. Immediately after considering the signs of a potentially malicious cult, in fact, the contrary is valid: it’s TERFs on their own that happen to be the newest cult.