October 27, 2022

The new Triangular Like Measure (Sternberg, 1997) was modified toward Greek sample from the Kordoutis (2008)

An orientation regarding immigrants into their community society was even more predictive out of straight down like size, whenever you are an orientation with the Greek community will be alot more predictive out of highest love dimensions.


Complete, 333 individuals employed from the greater section of Athens, old regarding 18 to 66 age (M=, S.D.=), took part in this research. Of one’s professionals 231 (69.4%) were Greek (89 boys and you can 142 females) and 102 (29.6%) had been immigrants out-of Albania (31 boys and 72 ladies). There had been zero extreme distinctions regarding your nation in addition to intercourse out-of users. From the forty-two.5% (163 individuals) was indeed married having people, 21.9% (72 anyone) had been hitched without pupils and twenty-eight.6% (94 some one) have been unmarried.


Research range taken place last year. The fresh new surveys was basically administered truly to every new member shortly after having acquired agree. For every participant got an arbitrarily ordered questionnaire packet you to definitely expected these to answer questions. It actually was emphasized that data was indeed anonymous, the fresh new contribution volunteer and there was zero duty to join or to keep participating.


The new balances of your own survey package was in fact interpreted away from Greek toward Albanian from the bilingual speakers (and interpreted returning to Greek). Most of the professionals finished the following tips:

Your family Really worth Level (Georgas, 1999), utilized in the modern example, steps two circumstances: (a) hierarchical spots of father and mother (the father should be the lead away from relatives, the latest mother’s put is at house, mom ought to be the go-anywhere between, the daddy ought to be the breadwinner, mom is take on the latest dad’s ily sufficient reason for kin (mothers should teach youngsters proper habits, is honor and you will cover the fresh family members’ character, troubles shall be solved within this household members, will be look after a relations having friends, people is look after elderly mothers). The questions were measures into an effective five-area measure, with one appearing ‘disagree’ and you will five ‘agree’. Cronbach’s alpha coefficients towards Albanian immigrants had been ?=0.80 to the hierarchical jobs from parents, and you can ?=0.74 to own members of the family matchmaking. To have Greeks, coefficients was indeed ?=0.75 and you may ?=0.sixty correspondingly.

Immigrants’ acculturation try mentioned using a modified version of the latest Vancouver Directory away from Acculturation (Ryder et al., 2000). New form of 18 things included in this research assesses the fresh new customs and you can mainstream dimensions of acculturation. Both-dimensional framework permitted us to read the this new consolidation on a couple societies alone. Products have been from inside the pairs pertaining to some other lifestyle domain names (informal existence, internationally wedding, group communication), which have you to definitely items inside for each and every pair writing on customs also to Greek society. Samples of factors include ‘I’m looking keeping or development life out-of my personal traditions culture’ ‘I’m selecting Greek traditions’. Each product got a 5-area Likert-build get. The subscale produced an overall get https://datingmentor.org/cs/shaadi-recenze/ from involvement for the traditions and you will when you look at the main-stream Greek people, with a score of just one showing a minimal amount of community involvement and you will a rating of 5 showing a premier amount of society involvement. In the current test, Cronbach’s alpha coefficients for Greek and Albanian people have been ?=0.84 getting culture aspect and good=0.75 to own conventional dimension.

The new Greek variation contained small alter away from Sternberg’s variation, highlighting cultural differences when considering nations. The fresh Triangular Like Size contains about three subscales: Closeness, Hobbies and you can Connection. The brand new Closeness subscale consists of 15 points built to evaluate thoughts out-of enthusiasm, closeness, connectedness and bondedness in a relationship (‘We discovered significant emotional assistance out-of _____,’ ‘I believe close to _____,’ ‘I feel that i can definitely trust _____, etcetera.). The newest fifteen products that compensate the fresh Hobbies subscale evaluate ‘brand new drives that lead to help you relationship, real destination, sexual consummation, and you may associated phenomena in the enjoying relationships’ (‘I can not imagine another individual and come up with me given that delighted while the ____ does’, ‘There’s nothing more significant if you ask me than just my reference to _____’, ‘My reference to _____ is really romantic’) (Sternberg, 1997, p. 315 ). The decision/Partnership subscale (15 situations) analyzes ideas away from stability and you will commitment to maintaining the newest like (‘I can usually become a strong duty to have _____’, ‘I assume my love for _____ in order to last for the rest of my personal life’, ‘I can’t thought end my personal experience of _____’). All the questions was measures on the a nine-part level, which have you to indicating ‘highly disagree’ and you may 9 ‘highly agree’. In the current try, Cronbach’s leader coefficients for the Albanian immigrants was indeed for Closeness ?=0.93, getting Welfare ?=0.90 as well as Partnership ?=0.93. To have Greeks, coefficients had been ?=0.96, ?=0.90 and you may ?=0.95, respectively.