Assured Outcomes

At Capstone, we are so confident of our capabilities that we virtually assure outcomes. Our fees are payable only if our clients get the value in return for their money.

Unmatched Expertise

Across Buildings, Oil & Gas and Infrastructure , we bring unrivalled breadth and depth of expertise. Engineering Design is our single minded focus, our bread and butter, and this undivided attention reaps rewards for our clients.

Global Delivery Model

We invest in our clients’ success, and in the kind of high value added business that we are in, we believe that the benefits of co-location with our clients are enormous. We seek to share our clients’ workspace, irrespective of wherever they are.

Process Maturity

We have elevated Engineering Design to an artform. Our proprietary “Engage Design Validate” process Framework ensures that Capstone continues to deliver exceptional quality for our clients, on time, every time.

The Capstone Advantage

If you are like some of our clients, you already have a large in-house Engineering Solutions team. However, in these turbulent economic times, when the business visibility is foggy and healthy margins are difficult to sustain, a full strength, in-house Engineering Team often tends to be viewed as an avoidable overhead. A reliable Engineering Solutions partner which can function as your outsourced Design Office, could be just what the doctor ordered.

That being said, some of our more progressive clients have actually tried offshoring their complex design requirements and burnt their fingers, partly due to the “pay-by-the-clock” business models adopted by some Engineering Solutions companies, and poor domain knowledge, in the case of others.

Having been associated with various large scale & transformational projects, our team has an exceptional track record of Design Engineering, honed over decades of hands-on, international project experience. We know what works, and equally important, what doesn’t.

Our robust & time tested process framework has delivered superlative results for our clients, over and over again. The key steps include

Market Segments

We are passionate about solving the most complex engineering problems for our clients. To consistently achieve results for our clients, we believe in continuously “sharpening the saw” through a relentless focus on certain specific market segments.


Work closely with the client to understand design inputs and constraints, define the scope of work, key deliverables & timelines and baseline the project plan, commercials and client dependencies.


Based on the inputs collated during the “Engage” phase, perform the relevant Engineering tasks, produce the requisite deliverables to the
client’s specifications, carry out exhaustive QA/QC and after all the internal quality gates are cleared, deliver the design to the client.


After receiving the comments and feedback from the client, incorporate the same into the final output, validate with the client feedback and obtain the deliverable sign-off.

Services we Offer

Our team has many decades of combined experience, of providing exceptional service to our clients. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements, and devise a solution that is tailor-made for them. Our clients can benefit from the following services that we offer:

Structural, MEP and Fire Engineering Services

Structural, MEP and Fire Engineering Services

Feasibility Study – Site Evaluation and Analysis

The term is also often used colloquially (but not by lawyers or by public officials) to refer to a company. A company, on the other hand, is a separate legal entity and provides for limited liability, as well as corporate tax rates.

System Engineering & Design packages

Portal and cantilever, aluminium, steel and concrete overhead motorway sign gantries