BIM Audit Services

Capstone: Ensuring BIM Model Integrity with Comprehensive Audit Services

Capstone offers industry-leading BIM audit services to validate the accuracy, completeness, and compliance of your Building Information Models (BIM). We empower you to leverage the full potential of BIM by identifying potential issues and ensuring your models meet project requirements and industry best practices.

Quick look at our BIM Audit Checklist:

  • Compliance to processes and standards
  • Compliance to BIM execution protocol
  • BIM capability assessment for all the scope of work involved in that project
  • Model accuracy verification against the design intent
  • All drawing and other schedule outputs have been managed per the standards and requirement
  • Are regular Model Review & Model Checking procedures being followed and reported?
  • Federated Model being used for 3D coordination & clash detection
  • Federated Model being used for sequencing, programming & planning (4D BIM)
  • Federated Model being used for quantity take-off and cost control (5D BIM)
  • Models being used for performance analysis (6D BIM)
  • Structural Analysis
  • Energy Analysis
  • Lifecycle Cost Analysis
  • Operational Asset Information Models for Facilities Management (7D BIM)

Why Conduct a BIM Audit?

  • Quality Assurance: A BIM audit provides an objective assessment of your BIM model, highlighting areas for improvement and ensuring the information it contains is accurate and consistent.
  • Reduced Errors & Rework: Proactive identification of errors during the BIM stage minimizes costly rework downstream during construction.
  • Enhanced Collaboration & Communication: A validated BIM model facilitates seamless collaboration and communication between project stakeholders by promoting a single source of truth.
  • Reliable Outputs: BIM audits ensure outputs like construction documents, shop drawings, and quantity take-offs are derived from a reliable and accurate BIM model.

Capstone's BIM Audit Expertise:

Extensive Experience: Our team possesses in-depth experience in creating and auditing BIM models for a broad spectrum of building types, including:

Compliance & Standards: We verify adherence to industry best practices, BIM standards, and Levels of Detail (LOD) specifications, ensuring your model meets project requirements.

Design Intent & Anomaly Resolution: We meticulously review your BIM model against the intended design, identifying and resolving any anomalies to guarantee optimal functionality.

Imperial & Metric Systems Expertise: Our team is proficient in both imperial and metric systems, ensuring comprehensive validation regardless of project location.

Capstone's BIM Audit Checklist:

  • Compliance: Review adherence to established BIM processes, standards, and execution protocols.
  • BIM Capability Assessment: Evaluate the model’s capabilities against the project’s scope of work.
  • Model Accuracy Verification: Ensure the model accurately reflects the design intent and specifications.
  • Output Management: Verify that all drawings, schedules, and outputs are generated according to project standards and requirements.
  • Model Review & Checking Procedures: Assess the implementation and reporting of regular model review and checking procedures.

Federated Model Utilization:  We evaluate the use of the federated model for:

  • 3D Coordination & Clash Detection
  • Construction Sequencing & Programming (4D BIM)
  • Quantity Take-Off & Cost Control (5D BIM)
  • Performance Analysis: Assess the application of the model for performance analysis, including:
  • Structural Analysis
  • Energy Analysis
  • Lifecycle Cost Analysis

Operational Asset Information (7D BIM): We evaluate the model’s suitability for facilities management through the creation of operational asset information models.

Benefits of Capstone’s BIM Audit Services:

  • Improved BIM Model Quality & Reliability
  • Reduced Project Risks & Costs
  • Enhanced Collaboration & Communication
  • Optimized Construction Efficiency
  • Informed Decision-Making

Contact Capstone today to discuss how our BIM audit services can safeguard the integrity of your BIM models and optimize your project outcomes!