Capstone: Illuminating Your Project with Electrical Expertise

Capstone empowers you with comprehensive electrical design support services, ensuring efficient, safe, and code-compliant electrical systems for your project. We leverage BIM technology to create detailed models and documentation that meet universal standards, facilitating clear communication with all stakeholders.

Quick Look at our Electrical BIM Services:

  • Electrical lighting fixtures and layout modeling as per given schedules
  • Detailed light fixtures including volts, fitting type and lamps
  • Cable trays in Electrical Model as per given drawings
  • Schedules of circuits and panel boards
  • Shop Drawings Preparation
  • Pre-Fabrication/Spool Drawings Preparation
  • Quantity Take-offs (Pre-bid & Execution)
  • Rendering of Model with Lights
  • Walkthrough of Electrical Model

Our Electrical Design Services:

  • Electrical Design Support: Our team of experienced electrical engineers provides comprehensive support throughout your project, from conceptual design to final construction.
  • BIM Modeling & Documentation: We utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) to create intelligent 3D models of your electrical system, incorporating lighting layouts, cable trays, panel boards, and other critical elements. Our electrical designs and documentation adhere to recognized international standards and industry best practices, ensuring compatibility and ease of understanding for all project participants.

Capstone's Electrical BIM Services:

  • Lighting Design & Modeling: Our BIM models precisely represent your lighting fixtures and layout based on your specifications. We capture details like voltage, fitting type, and lamps to ensure optimal lighting throughout your space.
  • Cable Tray Modeling: We incorporate cable trays into your electrical model, ensuring proper cable management and routing within your building.
  • Circuit & Panel Board Schedules: Capstone generates detailed schedules that clearly illustrate circuit configurations and panel board information for efficient installation and maintenance.
  • Shop Drawings & Pre-Fabrication: Our BIM models serve as the foundation for creating accurate shop drawings and pre-fabricating electrical spools off-site. This minimizes on-site installation time and reduces errors.
  • Quantity Take-Offs: We provide precise quantity take-offs for all electrical components, including cables, conduits, fixtures, and fittings, facilitating accurate project budgeting and material procurement.

Enhanced Project Communication:

  • Rendered Model with Lights: Capstone generates realistic 3D renderings of your electrical model with lighting effects, providing a clear visual representation of the final design before construction.
  • Electrical Model Walkthroughs: We offer immersive BIM walkthroughs of your electrical model, allowing stakeholders to virtually navigate the space and gain a deeper understanding of the system’s layout and functionality.

Benefits of Capstone's Electrical BIM Services:

  • Improved Design Efficiency & Accuracy
  • Enhanced Collaboration & Communication
  • Reduced Errors & Rework Costs
  • Streamlined Construction & Fabrication
  • Optimized System Performance
  • Enhanced Project Visualization & Decision-Making

Contact Capstone today to discuss how our electrical design and BIM expertise can illuminate your next project!