Fire Protection

Capstone: Your Trusted Partner for BIM-Powered Fire Protection Systems

Capstone leverages Building Information Modeling (BIM) to deliver exceptional fire protection design and documentation services.  Our team of fire safety experts combines in-depth knowledge with cutting-edge BIM technology to create optimized fire protection systems that meet the highest safety standards.

Quick Look at our BIM Fire Protection Services:

  • Calculations for Water Storage Capacity and Pump Sizing
  • Detailed Design support
  • Design support for layouts covering Sprinkler/Hydrant/Water Spray/Foam systems

Why Choose Capstone for BIM Fire Protection Services?

1. Enhanced Building Safety: We prioritize understanding your project’s unique fire safety needs and translate that knowledge into effective fire protection designs. Our BIM models seamlessly integrate life safety frameworks within your overall building model.

2. Comprehensive Fire Protection Services: Capstone offers a full spectrum of fire protection services, including:

  • Firefighting Plans
  • 3D Fire Protection System Modeling
  • Detailed Shop Drawings

3. Clash Detection & Coordination: Our BIM models proactively identify and resolve potential layout inconsistencies, code violations, constructability issues, and coordination problems between fire protection systems and other building elements. This minimizes costly rework and ensures smooth on-site construction.

4. Data-Rich Fire Sprinkler System Modeling: Capstone’s detailed illustrations incorporate all critical fire sprinkler system data, including sprinkler heads, valves, pressure gauges, calculation plates, hangers, mains, and branch lines. This empowers efficient and error-free installation.

5. Automated Riser Diagrams & Design Validation: We utilize BIM to generate automated riser diagrams and perform thorough design validation against international fire safety codes and standards.


Software Expertise: Our team is proficient in all major fire safety design software tools, ensuring seamless integration with your project’s existing workflows.

Additional Fire Protection Engineering Services:

  • Water Storage Capacity & Pump Sizing Calculations
  • Detailed Fire Protection Design Support
  • Fire Sprinkler, Hydrant, Water Spray & Foam System Design Layouts

Benefits of Capstone's BIM Fire Protection Services:

  • Improved Fire Safety & Code Compliance
  • Enhanced Design Efficiency & Accuracy
  • Reduced Errors & Rework Costs
  • Streamlined Construction & Installation
  • Clear Communication & Collaboration
  • Optimized System Performance & Maintainability
Contact Capstone today to discuss how our BIM expertise can safeguard your next project with exceptional fire protection systems!