Laser Scan to BIM

Capstone: Transforming Reality into BIM with Laser Scanning Services

Capstone empowers you to leverage the power of laser scanning for BIM, creating comprehensive and accurate 3D models of existing buildings and infrastructure.  Our team possesses extensive expertise in converting point cloud data captured through laser scanning into intelligent BIM models using platforms like Revit and other industry-standard BIM software.

Quick Look at Laser Scan to BIM Services:

  • Laser scanning to BIM contributes to transparency, communication and collaboration.
  • The 3D model derived from this technology improves performance, quality assurance and reliability.
  • This technology greatly helps to reduce the budget.
  • Any change in the model can be easily made and decision-makers can quickly make decisions.
  • It enables sustainable structures to be created.
  • In the early stages of the project life cycle, errors can be avoided, and rework costs reduced.

From Point Cloud to As-Built Information Model:

  • Detailed Modeling: We meticulously convert point cloud data into a complete As-Built Information Model (ABIM) that precisely represents the existing building’s pipes, walls, slabs, roofs, facades, landscapes, and other elements.
  • LOD Flexibility: Our capabilities span across Levels of Detail (LOD) 300 to 500, catering to your specific project requirements. We can create detailed models encompassing architectural elements, MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems, structural components, fire protection systems, and integrated models for holistic project views

Benefits of Laser Scanning to BIM:

    • Enhanced Transparency & Collaboration: Laser scanning fosters clear communication and collaboration between stakeholders by providing a shared 3D representation of the existing facility.
    • Improved Performance & Quality: The 3D model derived from laser scanning allows for optimized design decisions, leading to superior project performance, quality assurance, and overall project reliability.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: This technology offers significant cost savings by minimizing the need for manual measurements and reducing the likelihood of errors during renovation or retrofit projects.
    • Enhanced Design Flexibility: The model’s digital nature facilitates easy modifications, enabling decision-makers to explore design options efficiently and make informed choices.
    • Sustainable Design Considerations: Laser scanning to BIM empowers the creation of sustainable structures by providing accurate existing condition data for informed design decisions.
    • Reduced Errors & Rework: Early identification of potential issues through the 3D model helps avoid errors during construction and minimizes costly rework.

Unlock the Potential of Laser Scanning with Capstone:

By partnering with Capstone, you gain access to:

  • Experienced Professionals: Our team comprises laser scanning and BIM specialists who deliver high-quality and precise models.
  • Advanced Technology: We utilize cutting-edge laser scanning equipment and BIM software to ensure efficient data capture and model creation.
  • Streamlined Workflows: We integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows, delivering point cloud to BIM models that meet your project’s specific needs.

Contact Capstone today to discuss how laser scanning to BIM can transform your next project!