Across the globe, advanced manufacturing processes have witnessed a large-scale transformation. The focus on optimizing throughput, reducing intra- and inter-workspace logistics, and improving operator safety is at the center of this evolution. Capstone combines product, system, and functional strategies to offer integrated and cutting-edge manufacturing solutions. Our manufacturing engineering services include CNC programming, process planning, assembly engineering, and tool design as well as should cost analysis, prototype development, and first article inspection.

In partnership with Capstone’s manufacturing engineering consultants, our customers have been able to optimize their total cost of ownership, increase manufacturing output, reduce process lags, and realize operational goals.

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management Services

Capstone offer the best in class Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solutions and Engineering Services to several industrial & manufacturing majors, to catalyze better decisions on their product development, management, design, and production through our dedicated PLM experts, tools and methods.
We have successfully provided best-in-class project management methods, premised on our multi-platform expertise in CAD / CAM /CAE / Digital Manufacturing tools & technologies to ensure real-time assessment and project control over quality, schedule and customer satisfaction.

Product Lifecycle Management

Active Workspace

Thanks to our many successful projects enabling our customers with Active workspace, our service offering now contains "Repeatable templates" that are used specifically to optimize the implementation life cycle and reduce cost.
Repeatable templates is a collection of,

Repeatable allows project implementation team to make efficient use of active workspace components that have proved to be successful in the past and reduce unnecessary variations that can tie up time, effort and budget.

PLM IT Projects Implementation

We undertake implementation with a simplified solution to complex projects. We follow structured agile methodology to execute the projects on time, adhering to our industry leading quality standards, by involving our esteemed clients at every step of development ,to ensure compatibility and understanding of the given solution at each stage.

We’ve developed various templates on how to execute various projects. Based on the size and complexity, some of the templates are used to give better traceability and control on the project.

We believe that project and quality management are important activities and involve experts from the beginning of the project itself. Progress report and quality report on the project are the essential documents prepared at regular intervals to ensure that project completes in time with expected quality parameters.

Based on the size, complexity and data security requirements ( if any) of the project , we propose the optimal, cost efficient operating model which could be onsite, offshore, right shore or indeed a bespoke model, incorporating key ingredients from several different best practices.

Testing is one of the core steps that ensures quality of the implementation and delivery. Creation of right test cases is essential to the whole process.Based on the size of the project, test cases are automated, and load balancing on usage of certain resource-intensive features as well as their impact on servers is clearly studied during the testing process.

Production deployment process has to be designed and managed effectively. Otherwise managing changes and introducing new features would create confusion, resulting in poor performance.

Warranty support is one of the key feature of our implementations. This would support customer and also give confidence in our services. We provide one year warranty support for any type of implementations that we execute.

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