16 May

Architects, rejoice! Revit 2025 brings a treasure trove of upgrades to the toposolid
functionality, empowering you to create more intricate and realistic site models with
newfound ease. Let’s delve into these exciting features and explore how they can elevate your
architectural workflows:

Hosting Elements on “Exposed Surfaces”: A New Frontier

Gone are the days of wrestling with mass elements for site excavations. Revit 2025 introduces the "Excavate Toposolid" tool, a game-changer for architects. Simply select a floor, roof, or even another toposolid element, and with a single click, carve out the desired excavation directly from your existing toposolid. Need a basement cavity? Select the floor element. Creating a sunken parking lot? Use a second toposolid! This one-step approach
streamlines your workflow and eliminates the need for complex boolean operations. Plus, if your design changes, you can simply “Remove Excavation”; with ease.

Shafts that Respect Boundaries: No More Cut-Throughs

Revit 2025 introduces a long-awaited improvement for shafts interacting with toposolids.
Previously, shafts would slice right through the entire toposolid, creating unrealistic
scenarios. Now, shafts gracefully respect the toposolid’s existing geometry, allowing you to
precisely position the shaft bottom without unwanted excavations. Imagine modeling elevator
pits or utility access points – a breeze with this enhanced functionality!

Hosting Elements on “Exposed Surfaces”: A New Frontier

Ever wanted to add railings or plantings directly onto a toposolid after cutting it with boolean operations? Revit 2025 makes it a reality! The exposed boolean surfaces now act as the original surface, allowing you to seamlessly host elements. This eliminates the need for additional workarounds and ensures a clean, cohesive site model.

Effortless Elevation Setting: Top Plane to the Rescue

Struggling to manage elevation points within your toposolid? Fear not! The “Set Elevation Base from Top Plane” feature is here to simplify your life. When editing toposurfaces or placing points, simply choose “Top Plane” as the elevation base. This allows you to set and measure elevations directly from the toposolid’s highest point, eliminating the need for cumbersome calculations. No more guesswork – just precise control over your site elements!

Mass Faces Get a Second Life: Transforming into Toposolids

Revit 2025 unlocks the potential of non-vertical mass element faces. Now, you can generate toposolid elements directly from these faces, offering even greater flexibility in site modeling. The best part? When you modify the original mass element, the derived toposolid automatically updates to reflect the changes, ensuring a streamlined workflow.

Smooth Shading for a Touch of Realism

Enhance the visual appeal of your site models with the new “Toposolid Smooth Shading” option. This setting improves the appearance of toposolids in shaded, consistent color, textured, and realistic visual styles. Say goodbye to jagged edges and hello to a smooth, professional representation of your site design.

Editing with Confidence: Contours as Your Guide

Revit 2025 empowers you to make informed edits with the enhanced contour display during toposolid editing. As you add or modify points and edges, the contour lines remain visible, providing real-time feedback on the impact of your changes. This ensures you’re sculpting your site precisely, with the visual confirmation you need.

Legacy File Conversion Made Seamless

Working with older Revit projects containing toposurfaces and building pads? Revit 2025 has you covered. When converting these elements to the new toposolid format, building pads are cleverly retained as pre-defined excavated areas within the toposolid. This eliminates the need for manual recreation and ensures a smooth transition for your legacy projects.

In conclusion, Revit 2025’s toposolid enhancements are a game-changer for architects. From streamlined excavation workflows to improved visual clarity and editing control, these features empower you to create more realistic and detailed site models with unprecedented efficiency. So, embrace the power of Revit 2025 to elevate your architectural design process and bring your site visions to life!

Partner with Capstone Engineering’s architectural BIM specialists to maximize the impact of these revolutionary tools on your next project. We’ll help you navigate the enhancements, optimize your workflows, and create breathtaking landscapes that elevate your designs.

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